How is a PhiloLife course planned?

First, the theoretical aspect of the training course is considered, which focuses on
philosophical teachings and aims at helping attendees question their vision of life
and limitations “to be the best version of themselves” by choice. Second, a
practical part, which allows the attendees to acquire necessary “life skills” and
techniques to make positive and constructive changes in their life, is
incorporated. These customized courses will enable the attendees to understand
their “philosophical needs” and master “life skills” in order to boost their physical
and emotional health and wellbeing.

Many practical exercises and coaching assessment tools inspired by different
philosophers are used during the sessions to help attendees introspect and
evaluate their lives. Moreover, the teacher or PhiloLife Coach is able to guide
attendees through the healing experience and teach them techniques to
overcome any relevant major event that has had a negative impact on their lives
or has created associations they no longer need.

Each PhiloLife session will offer attendees a chance to reflect on their own
philosophy and choose customized techniques suited to their beliefs and