How is treatment under the STEPS Program different from going to a conventional clinic or ahospital?

The biggest difference is a holistic approach used in the STEPS Program. We do not only look into
the physical aspect but go way beyond to look in-depth into an individual’s state of mind, effect of
stresses, mood, feelings, emotions and lifestyle, and the role these play in creating a health
imbalance. This also makes it possible to foresee potential health problems. A regular health
checkup at a hospital or a GP is limited to evaluating only the physical functioning of your body,
with no consideration given to the role stress, emotions, lifestyle or dietary factors play in
disease evolution. Also, these physiological investigations are only helpful after the damage has
progressed enough to show up in the test results. The STEPS Program, on the other hand, is designed
to prevent diseases and help improve general health, even if one is not sick.
Here are some key differences between the STEPS Program approach and conventional chemical medical

Holistic STEPS ApproachConventional Medical Approach
Treatment is goal oriented, aimed at curing the condition.Treatment is only aimed at managing or suppressing symptoms using chemicals or surgical procedures.
Works with the body’s natural healing efforts and promotes expression.Works against the body’s efforts to heal and involves suppression of all body expressions and symptoms.
Promotes and supports self healing.Retards and suppresses self healing.
No side effects, since it is not the medicine but the body making healing changes.Cannot be without side effects since all measures taken are against the body’s expression of dis-ease.
Has a preventive outcome as the body is able to heal itself.Has a degenerative outcome since the body is not allowed to heal anything on its own.