Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

It is the first center in the world to offer philosophical therapeutic courses. At PhiloLife, we believe that therapeutic training is needed in Dubai and around the world. We believe that education is the key to understanding, questioning, and exploring our essence and existence as human beings. It is important for each individual to take time to reflect on their life vision, beliefs, and limitations to reconnect with their inner self and assess their perception of their inner and outer world. At PhiloLife, philosophy is used as foundation to initiate personal and group therapy through various holistic techniques inspired by different philosophers and positive thinkers. PhiloLife’s therapies& therapeutic training program offers a unique approach to therapy that is at the heart of education.

How can you become a PhiloLifer?

We would like you to join our PhiloLifers family.

At PhiloLife Wellbeing Education Center, we aim at sharing and savoring the love of wisdom (Philosophy) which can initiate magnificent transformations. After completing a course at PhiloLife, we welcome you as a PhiloLifer. You become part of our family and we look forward to providing you any required guidance or support throughout your life journey.

Our space becomes your cozy home and you are welcome to come at the center and spend some time indulging in our activities and therapies. A PhiloLifer member would get lifelong benefits (VIP card, free activities, discounts etc.) and will have the opportunity to join our PhiloLifers socializing group.