Amresh Mondkar

Reiki Master

Amresh Mondkar, is an independent Reiki teacher and practices the traditional method of Reiki. He started his journey with Reiki in 2005, since then he has been consistently practicing Reiki on himself and others. In 2011, he started conducting seminars as an independent teacher of traditional Reiki.

Amresh’s strength lies in his humility and willingness to be a channel for this holistic healing technique.

Through his seminars he focuses on bringing the practice to the
forefront, as he believes that practice gives us a deeper understanding of who
we are and gives us a new purpose in our relationship with the world inside and around us.

He believes that energy work can be done with ease and without any frills, only then it touches the right areas of our life. He is curious and looks forward to learning from his experiences and is always in search of knowledge that can deepen his understanding

of life, which can be passed on to make a difference to others.

He offers Meditations, Reiki Sessions and Reiki Level 1,2 and 3 seminars

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