Angela Murlowska

Craniosacral Therapist RCST

Angela is a graduate of the College of Craniosacral therapy in London and is registered with the CST Association of the UK.

As a mother of three she has always enjoyed working with babies and children.  Angela sees new borns as well as older children with learning challenges like dyslexia, ADDH and Autism, many referred by speech therapists and occupational therapists. She also sees adults who are in pain whether from injuries or stress related illnesses. Craniosacral therapy treats people not conditions.

Craniosacral Therapy (CST) helped Angela recover after a road accident in 2006 when her car flipped over on a remote desert highway.  Neck and lower back pains plagued her for months, but whilst on a course about Dentistry and Craniosacral Therapy, she met an amazing therapist, Wojciech Tarnowski, who changed that during the 5-minute break. Angela had seen many health improvements happen with CST over time, but this was an immediate and clear result. She had neck pain for months, unable to find a comfortable position to sleep and feeling exhausted.  She hadn't expected the change to happen so quickly and when after a few minutes of barely touching my neck he said 'OK you're good now', she had thought I might see improvement the next day, but the change was immediate and lasting. Angela had no more neck and lower back pain from that point on.

Angela enjoys working with both children and adults as a craniosacral therapist, seeing the positive changes that happen in people's lives, nothing could be more fulfilling.  She also works with other therapists to support clients and will suggest other therapies as well, when required.

Angela’s work is with people of all ages and deals with all kinds of conditions. If you would like to discuss how Craniosacral therapy can help you, send an enquiry through this website.

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