Anisa Amlani

Clarity Coach, Confidence & Mindset Coach

After living in Africa and the United Kingdom, Anisa’s love for Dubai has brought her back to this wonderful country to continue her work as a Life and Success Coach.

Anisa specializes in helping her clients find clarity and direction, therefore regaining their Confidence that many of us, through one life event or another, have lost or misplaced along the way.

Anisa’s calm and caring demure has clients instantly trust and open up with her and her non-judgmental ear gives an opportunity to her clients, to face ones limiting beliefs and fears.

Anisa holds the mirror up for her clients enabling them to achieve startling breakthroughs as they discover unexpected and hidden strengths within themselves, learn to minimize self-limiting thoughts and behaviors, and start building a better and stronger version of themselves.

Speaking Urdu, Hindi, Kiswahili and English fluently, Anisa is able to reach clients from various backgrounds and cultures to achieve her passion – to help people.  

Anisa also works with teenagers and young adults who find themselves unable to decide what is best for them in any given situation- be it social, family and school challenges or just general focus and direction in life. Being a mother of 3 young adults herself, Anisa is able to relate to the challenges this age group faces and is determined to guide and steer them to be their best selves and to live their best lives.  

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