Déborah Vitorino

Holistic Nutrition Consultant | Certified Life & Emotional Intelligence Coach | Master NLP Practitioner | Wellness Chef

For more than a decade, Déborah has been passionately guiding people on a journey of self-healing and transformation, with a keen interest in changing the way we perceive nourishment and healing our relationship with food, our bodies, our minds and our lives.

She received her Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the prestigious University of São Paulo, Brazil, but even before graduating she became disillusioned with the way tradicional medicine was "taking care" of people, particularly those who were suffering from lifestyle-related diseases; herself included. Déborah spent her youth at war with her body, fighting against a multitude of health problems - such as hormonal imbalances, PCOS, gastritis, weight gain, migraines, to name a few - that were robbing her of the joy of living and that no doctor or pill could manage to solve.

That inner and outer frustration eventually resulted in a painful burnout, which served as a push to go on a search for answers. She then continued her studies in acclaimed schools of Holistic & Orthomolecular Nutrition and Neuro-Linguistic Programming in New York and Los Angeles, and dedicated herself to study Lojong (The Art of Mind Training) with Buddhist monks, in order to learn how to help people find authentic healing that addressed all parts of themselves - mind, body and spirit.

She was deeply moved by her own healing and transformation, and irretrievably changed the way she was taking care of herself and of her clients after that. She decided to organize her knowledge and created a revolutionary weight loss program that is changing lives. Her method has helped hundreds of people to make peace with their body, transform their relationship with food and permanently eliminate pounds of stubborn fat, and tons of shame and guilt.

Déborah maintains a thriving bilingual online coaching platform for Portuguese and English speakers, and her private practice in Dubai, and also offers innovative and creative consultancy solutions for the wellness sector. Déborah also works as a Private Chef, teaching health & wellness enthusiasts how to cook flavorful, crave-able meals that will leave them feeling nourished and deeply satisfied.

She travels extensively in search of knowledge and experiences, and for lecturing, leading workshops and corporate wellness programs worldwide. She is also a health & wellness content writer for UAE newspapers such as Gulf News and The National.

Déborah is an enthusiastic student of Spirituality, Psychology and Stoicism, and in her spare time she lets her creative juices come out through writing, cooking and painting.

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