Girish Hemnani

PhiloLife Coach & Energy healer

Girish A Hemnani, an ex-model from the glamour industry of Mumbai, and got Certified and trained in 2010 in Energy Healing from Yoga Prana Vidya Organization India. He has dedicated the last 10 years to help individuals to recover faster from physical ailments, emotional issues and mental stress using no touch and no drug holistic energy transformation techniques.

After completing more than 15 certified courses (2010-2013) in Energy Healing, Energy Vaastu, Meditation, Mindfulness and Psychotherapy, Girish worked independently in Mumbai and has offered more than 5000 healing sessions to housewives, kids, parents, business owners, managers, industrialists, and students. Girish specializes in treating psychosomatic disorders, relationship issues, low self-esteem, addiction and stress management.

Girish has keen interest in helping seekers and clients with various techniques including CBT, REBT, Counseling, Reprograming the Subconscious Mind, Mindfulness, Crystal and Yoga Prana Vidya Energy Healing.

The biggest milestone took place in March 2017, when Girish was selected for a One-year residential Spiritual Intensive Program at Sri Ramana Trust YPV Ashram Thally, India where more than 750 higher meditation practices were done in a group along with deep study on esoteric and spiritual teachings.

In January 2020, Girish moved to Dubai and started rendering his professional services in the field of holistic well-being. Girish has a personal goal of training 100 individuals from 100 different countries (currently based in UAE) in the art and science of energy healing. Girish is passionate to share and teach planetary peace meditation and other channeling meditations.

Resonating with his values and shared passion, Girish is now an integral part of Philolife Wellbeing Education Center as a PhioLife Coach, guiding individuals to find inner balance through love of live, in order to enhance their state of health and well-being.  As a PhiloLife Coach, Girish customizes his coaching sessions based on the client’s needs and requirements to ensure personal breakthrough and transformation. As each person is unique, Girish offers personalized integrated coaching services.

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