Vibhu Khera

Relationship coach & meditation teacher

Vibhu is passionate about helping people seeking inner balance, mental wellbeing, and emotional coherence. Her background is in education, therapy, mindfulness, and emotional health. She has worked extensively with people facing anxiety, mood swings, parenting issues, relationship difficulties and grief and has assisted many through recovery, restoring focus, inner harmony, confidence, and calmness.

She adopts an integrated, compassionate, and holistic approach that incorporates self-awareness and various mindful transformative techniques to bring emotional, physiological, and psychological unity. Her purpose is for people to experience wholeness and create peace inside and outside.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Education with an emphasis on metacognitive awareness. She has also received post-graduate training in self-awareness, accreditation as a Master Life Coach, NLP practitioner and specialization in relationship therapy. Vibhu is a holistic professional that combines eastern philosophy, self-cultivation and emotional coherence to master complete inner-wellbeing.

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