NeuroPilates combines traditional Pilates movements with functional neurology exercises to provide sessions and classes that deliberately improve brain health and stimulate the nervous system to maximize athletic performance, help alleviate pain and support injury rehabilitation. It is a movement system aimed to optimize the body’s posture, movement, vision, balance and overall health by improving and fine tuning the brain body connection at a neurological level.  We look directly at the brain and assess the parts of the brain that govern certain functions. We then stimulate those areas directly through specific movements, neural exercises and vision and vestibular exercises to achieve healthier movements reflexively when we’re not consciously thinking about it. The brain has a crucial role in governing movement patterns, posture, pain relief and performance. The health of your brain dictates everything about you; improve its function and you will take the brakes off your body to improve all aspects of your health and wellbeing.

NeuroPilates can provide great results helping people from all walks of life, from those who suffer from those who generally just want to get fitter and feel healthier in their bodies to those with neurological conditions. The most common issues NeuroPilates can help with are those with neck or head injuries, headaches, neck and shoulder tension and those who want to improve their posture. The underlying message is that by improving the function of the brain, every other function of the body will improve by default.