PhiloCreative: Design thinking and Problem solving

Creativity is defined as the tendency to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others.: “Design thinking and Problem solving” are the basis of innovation required in the approach of business and career nowadays. It is a systematic approach to innovation and creative problem-solving that can be used in many disciplines. “Design Thinking” applies the methodologies of design to face challenges in business and society—which makes it central to innovation and creativity. It is a human-centered approach based on techniques which help participants understand user’s motivation and to gather deep insights about their future clients. It teaches how to learn from failure to innovate and incorporate the “Design thinking” into educational and professional activities. The workshops proposed will allow the attendees to participate in and lead innovation in a collaborative setting within a multidisciplinary team structure in order to master “creative thinking and problem-solving”.

Expected learning outcome:

  • Understand a human-centered approach to invention and creativity.
  • Identify different problem-solving styles.
  • Identify methods appropriate for solving problems.
  • Apply methods to specific problems.
  • Incorporate “design thinking” and “problem solving” at work to become more innovative, creative, and efficient.
  • Learn how to be innovative and tackle relevant business and/or social problems.
  • Learn to recognize innovation challenges and to design creative solutions. An innovation new ventures, value propositions, new products, or services.
  • Use a practical hands-on approach
  • Learn to sketch and brainstorm an early development of an innovation challenge, which is a critical input for the innovation course
  • Assess and utilize feedback to enhance your design product.

PhiloCreative is an individualized educational therapeutic training course comprising of:

  • Philosophy teaching
  • Positive psychology
  • PhiloLife coaching
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)

Duration: 3 to 4 weeks (150 minutes class/session per week)

Certifying Body: PhiloLife Wellbeing Education Center

Available for one-on-one and group classes