This course is focused on enhancing the physical health and mental health of the attendees. It is the perfect course for individuals who will highly benefit from working on their state of wellbeing and its impact on physical health. On one hand, different activities are proposed throughout the course to question the concepts of health, pathology and disease epistemologically. This part of the course is dedicated to make the attendees aware of the importance to treat a human being as a whole person, understanding that a disease is a way of communication mirroring an inner state. On the other hand, a set of activities and workshops will teach students different how to deal with their emotions, improve their health state. It is an ideal course for individuals suffering from chronic disease or any type of health issues and want to assess their life and make the emotional changes required to improve their health and support their healing process. It is suitable for every individual who is under lot of stress, experiencing anxiety, panic attacks, OCD symptoms or just feeling unwell whether there are phy This course can be combines with STEPS program for better results.

This course highlights the necessity of trusting our own body to prevent future possible disease. The theoretical part focuses on Eckhart Tolle’s approach of “pain-body” which is an emotional pain living inside each one of us. It may have accumulated from past traumatic experiences and sticks around because these experiences were not faced appropriately and are still not accepted by the person. Louise Hay clearly shows the link between each disease and the possible emotional trigger. Eckhart Toll offers a variety of tools helping each participant to be in the present moment and accept their past to be able to deal with anxiety and live a better life. Even if the participants haven’t suffered from traumatic experience, this course will enable them to trust and understand the power of the life force which resides in us and the necessity to be tuned with it for a better understanding of our mental/physical health state.

Expected learning outcome:

  • Learn how to be aware of current a wellbeing state.
  • Identify the emotional reasons behind a disease and assess your lifestyle.
  • Deal with anxiety and stress
  • Identify the reasons which might be causing a person to hold on to disease or pain.
  • Introspect and understand more your past experience and its impact on your state of well-being.
  • Make peace with the past
  • Learn to forgive
  • Identify ways to improve your state of health and well-being by naturally being tuned to the “inner-guidance force”.

PhiloWellbeing is an individualized educational therapeutic training course comprising of:

  • Philosophy teaching
  • Positive psychology
  • PhiloLife coaching
  • Music therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Mindfulness
  • Breathwork
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP)

Duration: 6 weeks (90 minutes session/class per week)

Certifying Body: PhiloLife Wellbeing Education Center

Available for one-on-one and group classes